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Automation Tool.

Shipping Rates, shipping labels, tracking and shipping audit included.

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Shipping integration with eCommerce platforms

HITShipo is an automation shipping tool. That will handle your all shipments with deep eCommerce integration. And our system includes,

  • Live Shipping account rates.

  • Shipping Label automation.

  • All Shipping services available.

  • Supports domestically and internationally.

Control your shipments.

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How special is HITShipo?. How it save your time & cost?

when the order has been placed in ecommerce platform, our HITShipo will fetch the shipment automatically and create shipping label. Once done the shipping label, the email will be sent with attachments. Automatically update the order status by tracking the shipment.

  • No manual work need to create a shipping label.

  • No delay to ship product.

  • Save cost by audit shipments.

  • Real-time order status update.

Shipping Label

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Find the best plan


  • Shipping Carrier: You have a access to all our provided shipping carriers.

  • Rates: Our Integration modules provides you the shipping rate option with your discounded price.

  • Labels: Create the shipping labels based on your configuration Automatically or Manually

  • Commercial Invoice: Commercial Invoice will automatically created with all Shipping Labels

  • Tracking: We have our own tracking page for internal & External purpose. We Email your customer with the tracking page URL once the label is generated.

  • Multi Vendor: Multi Vendor Supported

  • Test Mode: Each our integration module have test & live modes. The live mode shipments only countable

  • Shipments: 10 shipments per month. One sipment inclued the package of one flow from shipping label generation to delivery.


  • LITE Plan: PLUS Plan includes all LITE Plan features.

  • Return Label: Create & Manage Return Labels from your store admin area & HITShipo Dashboard

  • Pickup: Schedule Pickup for the available carriers automatically or manually

  • Estimated Delivery Date: Tracking Page contains the estimated delivery date if your carrier provides the info.

  • Tracking Status: We continuously track your shipment everyday and let you know your customer about out for delivery, delivered status.

  • No Branding: By default, In our all emails, tracking pages, we have our brand name. In this plan our name will be removed.

  • Settings: In Free plan you are not able to disable the tracking URL that sent to customer. Now you have a full control in settings page.

  • Apps: HITShipo provides Access like SMTP (To sent all email via your Email address), Webhooks (Sent Input to your ERP Softwares)

Start with $9/month


Start with $99/y Offer

[Overlimit charges $0.25 per label]


  • PLUS Plan: PREMIUM Plan includes all PLUS Plan features.

  • Self Hosted Tracking Page: You can download the tracking page from our sever and host it in your server. Tracking page is available in html format.

  • Tracking Widgets: The tracking widgets are deeply integrated with the ecommerce system that we are providing.

  • Late Shipment: Our system find the late delivery shipments and notify you. You can engage with customer and get refund from the shipping companies.

  • Customer Engagement: We will sent SMS to your customers about the shipment. We will fire SMS in out for delivery & delivered states.

  • Avoid Surprise Billing: We are providing the full details about the shipments. You can check the details with your invoice and easily found the error. This will be useful to you to get refund from your shipping companies

Start with $29/month


Start with $319/y Offer

[Overlimit charges $0.25 per label]