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Shipping Flow

Our powerful solution takes care of every aspect of the shipping process, from rate calculation to label generation, tracking, and order status management.

We provide

Shipping Rates

Fetch the real-time shipping rates from the chosen shipping carrier. Our integration plugin will help you display the shipping rates on the checkout pages.

Shipping Label

Create shipping and return labels automatically or manually once the order is placed. We support form-based shipping label integration for non-ecommerce customers.


Fetch the real-time tracking information and send it to customers. Using our custom widgets, you can show the real-time shipping data on your site.


Automate your entire shipping process by configuring the product once. All reports are managed via email and in our dashboard.


Based on customer requirements, we provide free or paid development services based on our plans. We have delivered quality workflows.

Integrated plugins

We provide integration plugins for WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Shopify ecommerce solutions.


Powerful API that enables seamless integration with your existing systems and platforms, allowing you to automate and streamline your shipping processes effortlessly.

Multi Vendor

Effortlessly manage shipping operations for multiple vendors, allowing each vendor to have their own shipping preferences, carrier, and custom shipping rules

Best Support

Easy and convenient for you to access the assistance. Whether you choose email, or scheduled meetings that we are committed to providing you with the highest level of support.

Our Automated workflow

  • Get shipping rates at checkout

    Enhance your customer experience with accurate and up-to-date shipping rates displayed seamlessly at checkout. Our solution enables effortless retrieval of real-time rates,.

  • Generate shipping label automatically

    Automatically generates shipping labels, saving you time and effort while ensuring accurate and efficient order fulfilment. Address Validation is provided by our system.

  • Sent Tracking informations to customer

    Keep your customers informed by automatically sending tracking information. With our solution, you can easily provide real-time updates, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing support inquiries.

  • Realtime tracking to update order status

    Keep your order status up to date with real-time tracking. Our solution provides seamless integration with tracking systems, ensuring accurate and timely updates for efficient order management



  • Rates: The realtime shipping rates will fetch from the shiopping carrier.

  • Labels: Create the shipping, return labels automatically or manually

  • Invoice & Packing Slip: Commercial Invoice will automatically created with all Shipments

  • Tracking: Tracking and notifications to keep you and your customers up-to-date.

  • Multi vendor / Drop shipping: Shipping from multiple locations are supported.

  • Customize Email: Customizing the email template option is available.

  • Apps: HITShipo provides Access like SMTP (To sent all email via your Email address), Webhooks (Sent Input to your ERP Softwares)

Start with $9/month


Start with $99/y Offer

[Overlimit charges $0.25 per label]


  • PLUS Plan: PREMIUM Plan includes all PLUS Plan features.

  • Self Hosted Tracking Page: You can download the tracking page from our sever and host it in your server. Tracking page is available in html format.

  • Tracking Widgets: The tracking widgets are deeply integrated with the ecommerce system that we are providing.

  • Dealy Notification: Our system find the late delivery shipments and notify you. You can engage with customer and get refund from the shipping companies.

  • Order Status Management:Automatically Updating your order status by tracking the shipment frequently.

Free customization on
shipping process!

Start with $19/month


Start with $209/y Offer

[Overlimit charges $0.25 per label]

Benefits mentioned by customers

Time Savings

Our automation features, such as address validation, eliminate the need for manual work in creating and managing shipping labels. This saves valuable time for customers.

Customer Visibility

Once the label is generated, customers receive tracking numbers to track their shipments. This visibility enhances the experience between customers.

Reduced Staff Costs

With automated processes, the effort required in creating labels is significantly reduced. This, in turn, minimizes the need for additional staff.

Enhanced Trust

Providing tracking numbers right after placing an order helps build trust between the customer and the site. It assures customers order is being processed and shipping journey.

Looking for customization in your workflow?

We provide free customization support in our premium plans.


Provides shipping rates, shipping labels, tracking, and late delivery.

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