Some unique customized workflows as per customer requests

General note on label generation based on country

The customer requires a new custom field that sends a general note before the shipping label is generated.

SKU-based shipping carrier on the checkout page

The customer requires that certain products use a flat rate for shipping, while other products should use FedEx.

Setting up the shipping price based on the order total

The customer requires free shipping to be set for their product when the order total is above $8000.

Handling VAT numbers for different vendors

The customer requires sending the VAT numbers based on the vendor on their site.

Exclude the shipping tax provided by the shipping carrier

The customer requires excluding the shipping tax returned by the shipping carrier and wants to replace it with their own tax.

We customized the email template according to the customer's design preferences.

The customer requires the email template to be changed according to their brand name.

Enable displaying insurance based on the value of a checkout field

The customer requires the ability to enable or disable the insurance value or calculation based on a checkbox that the customer has on the checkout page.

Create the shipping label based on form input fields

The customer requires generating the shipping label from the form on their website.

Instead of sending the product, fetch it from the customer's location

The customer requires fetching the products from the customer's location to their factory.

Uploading the vendor's signature to the shipping invoice

The customer requires creating the shipping invoice with the vendor's signature.

Create a customized shipping invoice template and send it to the shipping carrier

The customer has their own invoice template, and the request is to implement the new invoice template and send it to the specified shipping carrier during the creation of the shipping label.

Benefits mentioned by customers

Time Savings

Our automation features, such as address validation, eliminate the need for manual work in creating and managing shipping labels. This saves valuable time for customers.

Customer Visibility

Once the label is generated, customers receive tracking numbers to track their shipments. This visibility enhances the experience between customers.

Reduced Staff Costs

With automated processes, the effort required in creating labels is significantly reduced. This, in turn, minimizes the need for additional staff.

Enhanced Trust

Providing tracking numbers right after placing an order helps build trust between the customer and the site. It assures customers order is being processed and shipping journey.

Looking for customization in your workflow?

We provide free customization support in our premium plans.


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