What is HITShipo?

HITShipo is a shipping automation platform” was launched on 19th Jan 2021. HITShipo automates the entire shipping process, eliminating the need for manual intervention. By automating the shipping label creation process, HITShipo significantly reduces the time required to ship products. HITShipo is already integrated with popular e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, PrestaShop, and OpenCart. HITShipo supports 10 shipping carriers for now (2021, Jan). Such as DHL Express, UPS, FedEx, DBS, etc. 

Steps involved in the HITShipo process

  • Displaying Real-time Shipping rates to the customer (Optional)
  • Create a Shipping Label & Pickup, Download the shipping label & Ship the product
  • Sent Tracking information with Estimated Delivery Date (Optional)
  • Maintain the Order status based on real-time tracking data


  • Debug mode to help with rates problems
  • Choice of parcel packing method: pack items separately or into one box
  • Automatic international shipping costs calculation and displaying live rates
  • Automatic box packing for multiple products based on weight and volume
  • Fixed value and percentage handling fees/discounts for DHL Express rates
  • Excluding certain days of the week from the estimated delivery date
  • Multicurrency Support


  • You don’t want to care about the shipping company’s API updates. We will be up to date with the company.
  • Effortless shipping label generation
  • We do find the errors at the time of label generation & fixing them by correcting the customer addresses.
  • Notify customers about the product delay.
  • We help you to investigate the shipping rate differences with the company
  • Providing Customization support in the shipping process.
  • Premium support via call, Social media, Email, and chat.

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